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The Geordie Hour at Radio Tyneside

Gary has been involved in the North East live music scene for over 45 years and along with Karis they try to support as many live gigs and venues as possible.

They have built up many great friendships and contacts with musicians, venues, local record labels and studios so The Geordie Hour is always one of the first places you’re likely to hear new releases.

It’s also one of the few places you’re likely to hear North East artists from the 50s and 60s - and really really old stuff too. One of our oldest tracks is 100 years old!

We often record interviews with local musicians and have them introduce some of their own tracks and those of other local acts they admire. Sort of Desert Island Discs style.

A lot of our programmes are recorded at live gigs, album launches and functions as well as in the studio at Claremont Road and sometimes in Gary’s own studio.

Karis - Producer

Karis Jones is actually an award-winning video editor and has been in the AV industry for over twenty five years. (We know she doesn’t look that old)

As producer of Radio Tyneside’s Geordie Hour she attends gigs, interviews contributors and then edits it all together. She monitors the material we play to make sure it’s suitable for a Sunday afternoon audience which is our main slot. And because we produce the show primarily for Radio Tyneside she has to make sure that everything on the playlist is suitable for those listening on the hospital wards.

She provides chocolate themed refreshments,  does a lot of the driving and tidies the studio before the next show.

Doing the Geordie Hour has opened Karis’ eyes - and ears - to the many genres of music we have in the North East and she’s now has quite a few favourite bands. Everything from Country to 20s music and from Hip-Hop to barbershop.

Gary - Presenter

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Gladys - Research


Gladys has had many roles since starting with the Geordie Hour. Originally self-appointed as producer we soon discovered she didn’t actually produce much. She was switched to PR but her relationship with the public scuppered that idea. Her appointment as head of catering was short-lived when we realised she only catered for herself. She was then made head of transport but the crew became tired of travelling to gigs and award ceremonies in her sidecar. As she spends most of her time on Facebook, twitter etc we decided to give her a job in research so she now spends all day listening to Spotify and sifting through the many CDs we are sent to see which parcels contain the biggest bribes. She is also our unarmed combat instructor.

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